WH 461
Punching Balls made of Artificial Leather.
Also  available  in  Split  Leather
Colours available: Red or Black.

    WH 462
    Punching Balls made of Split Leather.
    Colours  available: Red or  Black.

WH 463
D-Balls  made   of   Split  Leather.
With one Iron hook. Also available 
in artificial Leather.
Colours available: Red  or  Black.


     WH 464
     D-Balls made of Artificial Leather
     With  two Iron  hook  &   Springs.

WH 465
D-Balls made of Clarino With two 
Iron hooks & rubber ropes.

     WH 466
     D- Balls made of Split Leather.
     With two Iron hooks & springs.
     Also available in artificial Leather.






WH 467
Punching Balls made of
Artificial Leather.



                    WH 468
Iron Swivel. 


 WH 469
 Iron Swivel. 



 WH 470
 Iron Swivel.